3 Ways to Reduce the Employment Gap at Your Restaurant


As you are aware, it is much easier and less expensive to keep employees on your staff than it is to hire new people. The headache of retraining alone is enough to motivate you to keep your best people happily employed. But how can you keep your employees happy and engaged so that you don’t need to go looking for replacements?

Watch for Signs of Frustration

Sometimes employees are reluctant to come right out with what may be bothering them, but it may be evident when you pay attention. What makes them sigh or mutter? Do several employees complain about the same issue at your restaurant? It may be time to investigate and rectify the problem rather than assuming the employees are just complainers.

Always Have Their Back

Customers can be demanding. Complaints are not always justified. Employees who are happy in the restaurant industry are the ones who know their employer will take their side or at the very least, hear them out in the event of a customer dispute. Provide the support and training they need to do their jobs well and keep enough people on staff that people are not overworked or it’s impossible to take time off or a sick day

Create a Sense of Family

It can’t be fake. Mark important occasions to let people know that you see them as individuals. Have a little pre-or post-shift celebration to mark birthdays, anniversaries or occasions like engagements or graduation. Be supportive when employees are going through a tough time. Employees will come through for you when they feel valued and appreciated.

Reducing the employment gap comes down to developing a mutually respectful relationship where you each value the other and work toward common goals. With the ease in which individuals can move from one opportunity to the other in the restaurant industry, it’s up to you to create an environment where employees want to build a career.

Partner with a Restaurant Recruitment Expert

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