Tactics to Reduce the High Employee Turnover in Your Restaurant


Turnover is a fact of life in the restaurant industry, and one of its biggest challenges. But there are measures you can take to increase the chance of holding onto your best people. Restaurants are experiencing churn rates of more than 70 percent, according to recent reports.  

Some turnover is unavoidable, such as that caused by seasonal peaks and valleys. You may also lose younger staff who may be working as their schooling permits. That doesn’t mean that retention is completely out of your control. 

Investigate your reputation.  

Each restaurant has its own unique culture or personality. Does your brand reflect the way you want to be perceived or the people you want to attract? It’s easy to find reviews of your restaurant from customer perspectives, but it may be harder to know how potential employees see you. Check out review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Speak to peers or even former employees to find out how your company is seen as a place to work. 

Don’t accept turnover as inevitable.  

Take steps to create an environment where people will want to build a longterm career. Identify individuals who may be interested in pursuing a promotional path. Note employees who display leadership skills and coach them on how they can learn more or gain the experience they need to assume a leadership role and provide or point them to the correct resources.  

Make your environment safe and friendly for all employees.  

Maintain a policy of zero tolerance when it comes to hazing or harassment, particularly that based on race or gender. Sure, some of your team may grumble, but it is likely to be worth it in the long run when you are able to keep turnover rates lower. And let’s face it, the employees who have time to harass or intimidate coworkers may not be your most productive employees in the first place. Take a topdown approach, modeling respect for every individual who works for you from the hostess to the executive chef.  

Offer a range of benefits. 

Increasingly, restaurants are offering healthcare and other benefits to encourage employees to set down roots and stay for the long haul. Investigate what options may be available to you in your region for fulltime employees. Frontofthehouse employees often change jobs in pursuit of better tips, but feeling they are cared for may mean they think twice before considering other offers. 

Partner with a leading restaurant recruiter. 

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