Meatless Burgers: How This Summer Past Time Is Quickly Changing


As a restaurant manager, you’re well aware that diners are increasingly demanding vegan and vegetarian options, both at home and when dining out. Quality and taste can vary from one burger option to another. Choices run from burgers that are clearly vegetable or bean-based and those that are meat imitations.

Don’t overthink it. You don’t necessarily need to offer meatless burgers as a separate menu item. You can simply offer it as a substitute for regular burgers. If you offer several varieties of burgers with different flavor profiles condiments and toppings, most will work just as well with plant-based options.

Pump up the sides. Most plant-based sides can be enjoyed by meat eaters as well. Sweet potato fries and roasted vegetables are always popular and make excellent foils for a variety of sauces and toppings. Just keep in mind that if you wish to accommodate vegans as well, make sure they don’t include animal-based broths or reductions, dairy products or honey.

Weigh the expense. Meatless burgers can be even more expensive than meat, but diners are typically willing to pay a premium. You can increase the profitability with inexpensive add-ons like onions and lettuce.

Adapt to demand. These burgers are growing in popularity to the extent that they can be tough to come by. According to producers at Beyond Meats and Impossible Meats, 20,000 restaurants across the U.S. offer meatless burgers.

Meat-like or meat alternative? Meatless burgers are reported to taste extremely similar to meat. Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown reports that 93% of consumers who purchase Beyond Meat also buy regular meat. These burgers’ meat-like qualities are attributed to the use of a soy protein derivative.

Accommodate different tastes. Not all diners are looking for meat alternatives that taste like beef. Burgers made from black beans, chickpeas or vegetable blends can also be a tasty option.

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