Craft Beer Pairings and Your Best Appetizers – a Formula for Success


The growth of the craft beer trend shows no signs of slowing. This presents an opportunity for private clubs to pair these popular beers with their most popular menu items. Craft beers are perfect for pairing because they are so hearty and robust that they go well with many types of food.

Many craft beers, such as IPAs, contain can high levels of alcohol. Pairing them with food can help to slow the absorption of alcohol and prevent diners from becoming quickly intoxicated.

Craft beers on their own can be pretty expensive when compared to national brands. A couple of beers paired with an appetizer or two can represent a pretty nice check size, so managers would be wise to advise servers to take advantage of this upselling opportunity.

Here, we will focus on appetizers that are simple to prepare and easy for members to eat, even while seated at the bar. Consider these tasty pairings.


IPAs are hoppy and bitter. They can be juicy or citrussy as well. That makes them great for cutting through rich foods such as cheeses or fried dishes. Consider offering different takes on loaded fries or poutine. These appetizers are popular and both easy and inexpensive to produce.


Pilsners are a lighter lager on the hoppy side, but with a milder flavor than IPAs. They go well with light foods like salads, sushi or shrimp.


Stouts are heavier beers, in both body and often alcohol content. They are bitter and hearty and often serve as foils for flavors such as coffee and chocolate. Stouts can easily stand up to meats and cheeses. Pair them with roast beef sandwiches or burgers.


Porters have a smoky flavor, often enhanced by aging in whiskey or bourbon barrels. This makes them a great match for barbequed meats. Consider pulled pork sliders which are easy to eat or share, even when at the bar.

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are smooth and easy to drink. Typically, their popularity increases in the summer. They make a great match for seafood or salads.

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