Chatbots and Messaging: Candidates Expect Them in the Job Search


The best candidates are often those who are currently employed, making it tougher to communicate with them in the hiring process. If they are trying to fit their search around their current job, they may not be able to take a call. They are likely to explore opportunities during off hours when it’s unlikely the right people are available to answer any questions they may have. Chatbots and messaging may be the answer to effectively recruiting hotel and restaurant managers.

Answer Applicant Questions

Chatbots can answer questions promptly. For example, a candidate filling out an online application in the evening may not have access to someone standing by in HR to answer their questions. Also, you may not want to engage a candidate this early in the application process. Chatbots enable the applicant to quickly ask a question and receive an immediate response 24/7. If the chatbot has been properly programmed, it can even ask follow-up questions to ensure the issue has been clarified for the candidate. This can prevent you from losing candidates who become frustrated during the application process.

Keep Candidates Engaged

Often candidates who take the time to fill out an application have no idea what happens next or even if the application was received. Chatbots can acknowledge receipt of the application and let the candidate know the next steps.

Schedule Interviews

If the next step in the process is a phone screen, the chatbot can offer a selection of times and dates or give the applicant the opportunity to rule out any inconvenient times. For example, the candidates can say they are never available on Wednesdays or that calls after 5 p.m. are better for them. This can eliminate the back-and-forth frustration common when attempting to schedule a phone or in-person interview.

Leverage Text Messaging

Another growing form of candidate communication to consider is text messaging. This option can be important to currently employed applicants. It is often tough to find a private place to take any phone calls that arise during their job search, even if they are confining these communications to breaks or lunches. If candidates can communicate via text with the interviewer, there’s a better chance of being able to either set up an appointment or take care of some preliminary question and answers.

The Personal Touch

Keep in mind that chatbots are no substitute for human interaction. At some point, communication will need to be handed off to an interviewer who can communicate with the applicant directly. A warm human touch can make all the difference in recruiting hotel and restaurant managers who are a great fit for your business. Allowing chatbots to take care of the preliminary screening and communication process frees recruiters’ time to focus on nurturing relationships or taking care of other aspects of business.

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