Glassdoor Survey: One Word Leads to a Positive Candidate Experience


Employers often wonder what it takes to hire and retain candidates in today’s talent market. A recent survey by Glassdoor may provide some answers. Chief among them is the importance of  communication. What candidates typically want most is to be kept informed every step along the way.

How can you use this information to your advantage when hiring for your own hotel or restaurant?

Create an efficient, consistent process

Speed is essential when it comes to keeping candidates engaged. While you don’t want to rush the assessment and decision-making process – getting the hire right the first time is essential for both you and the candidate – top prospects are likely to be interviewing with several employers. You don’t want to lose your top choice candidate to the competition because of red tape in the hiring process or slow decision making.

Keep candidates informed

Let them know what the steps are in the hiring process and how far along they are. Transparency is key. If a candidate understands they are 80 percent through the process or you’ll have a decision in a week, they may be willing to hang in there for the duration.

Be clear about the position

Fit is essential to keeping and retaining people. That makes it important for potential employees to understand precisely what will be expected of them and what the working environment is like. Misleading candidates by glossing over challenging parts of the position or company will only result in  choosing a candidate who will quickly be dissatisfied with the job.

Be honest about your company

Social media and the internet make it easy for candidates to learn about your restaurant or hotel’s brand. It also makes it impossible to hide any challenges you may face or a reputation that is less than optimal. Get ahead of any negativity by addressing it head-on. If there is incorrect information, take this opportunity to address it. If you have real shortcomings, share what steps the organization is taking to correct them.

Work with a leader in hospitality recruitment

Communication and transparency are essential to getting your relationship with hotel and restaurant candidates off on the right foot. If you’d like to learn more about how to find and attract top talent, contact the hospitality recruitment professionals at Horizon Hospitality.



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