Competing for top-tier hospitality talent in today’s highly competitive hiring climate

As a result of the current competitive hospitality employment market and low unemployment rates, more candidates than ever before are receiving multiple offers, accepting counter-offers and demanding higher salaries.

Is your company strategically positioned to prosper in today’s extremely competitive hiring environment?

The unfortunate reality is that the majority of hospitality companies are not positioned competitively, nor do they have a hiring process in place with the necessary checks and balances, to avoid costly hiring mistakes. Having partnered with hundreds of the top hospitality companies across the country in their talent acquisition efforts, Horizon Hospitality has gained tremendous insight and knowledge of how companies successfully hire and retain their employees.

In addition to executive search and recruitment services, Horizon Hospitality provides exceptional resources and consultative services for hospitality companies in the following areas:

  • Hiring Process Review
    Are you losing great candidates due to a lengthy and/or antiquated hiring process?
    How can you streamline your process while maintaining checks and balances?

  • Selection Tools
    Is your company utilizing the most effective assessments, background checks, references checks, and employment verification tools before making your hiring decision?

  • Interview Guide Development
    Does your hiring team really know how to interview and ask the right questions?
    When interviews conclude, do you understand how the potential employee will perform?

  • Compensation Analysis
    What benchmarks and resources are you using to determine if your wages are competitive in the current market so that you can attract and retain the best talent?

  • Bonus/Commission/Incentive Structure Analysis
    Are you offering a bonus package that will drive performance metrics while adding real value to your employees’ overall compensation?

  • Benefit Analysis
    Are you offering progressive benefits that make you an employer of choice to your current and future employees?

  • Creative Offer Alternatives
    How can you be more innovative and creative in presenting offers so you stop losing great candidates to your competitors at minimal cost to your company?

To learn how Horizon Hospitality can assist your company with any of the above challenges, simply CLICK HERE to schedule time to speak with Scott Samuels, CEO of Horizon Hospitality.


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