How Can You Take Farm-to-Table to the Next Level?

Restaurants have been shown excellent results when they implement farm-to-table dining. Food is fresher, costs can be lower, and it attracts a loyal clientele committed to sustainable food chain practices. What better way to take advantage of this movement and further drive down costs than owning your own farm? How are successful restaurants leveraging this idea?

Rooftop or Backyard Gardens

Any place there is a little bit of space, you can plant a garden. Where space is at a premium, consider easy-to-control plants that don’t spread such as tomatoes or herbs. If things are really tight, you can even employ containers throughout your restaurant or just outside. Customers can see the freshness for themselves and enjoy the aroma of fresh herbs just steps from the table.

Tower Gardens

Make the most of limited space with tower gardens. As its name implies, these are vertical structures which are typically aeroponic, meaning they use just water and nutrients to grow produce. Studies have shown these systems can yield as much as 30 percent more than typical soiled-based gardening systems. These systems are currently in place and succeeding around the world including at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Owning a Piece of Land

Further commit to the farm to table movement by purchasing farmland of your own. Typically, it’s more likely your farm will augment your local suppliers, rather than replace them, because it’s an enormous commitment of time and resources to operate a farm, particularly at the volume restaurants require.

Why should you consider farming for your restaurant?

  • access to high quality produce;
  • environmental sustainability;
  • capture diner attention (and market share!);
  • reliable cost-effective source; and
  • scalable as your needs grow.

Looking for more ideas to help your restaurant operate more efficiently and attract more customers?

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