8 Critical Questions to Ask a Recruiting Firm BEFORE You Hire Them!


The benefits a recruiting firm can bring to your hospitality business are virtually without limit. But it’s essential you choose the right firm for best results. The only way to ensure success is by interviewing potential recruiting firms as you would a job candidate.

Below is a list of eight essential questions you need to ask a recruiting firm before you hire them and the kinds of answers you should expect.

1) What makes you different and better than your competitors?

Look for REAL differentiators. Anyone can say their service is better or their candidates stronger than the competition, but they should be able to tell you how and why. What makes their service better? How do they ensure they have identified the best candidates? Choose a firm that specializes in your industry and has a proven record of success.

2) What are the different methods you would use to find our ideal candidate?

Anyone can post a job and hope for the best, but in a tight talent market, that’s simply not enough. Look for a response from the recruiter that demonstrates they can leverage their network and give you access to both active and passive candidates. You want the best person, not just the best person currently looking for work. Choose a recruiter who is innovative, proactive and who comes up with ideas that surprise you.

3) Have you conducted this exact search previously?

If so, how many of these positions have you placed within the last 12 months? What are some of the companies you have had success in placing this position with? You spend enough time training your employees. You don’t have time to train your recruiter, too. Your recruiter should be able to provide specific, measurable examples of success with placing candidates in this or a similar position.

4) Can you provide contact information of companies where you’ve conducted similar searches?

There should be no hesitation. Any successful recruiter will have a number of satisfied customers that would gladly provide a reference. If they have trouble coming up with just three, it might be time to look elsewhere.

5) What other services or resources do you provide?

You may be surprised at what the firm has to offer. They could give you a choice between retained and engaged search. Do they offer pre-employment screenings for candidates you identify? Can they help with onboarding and ongoing training? Can they provide compensation benchmarking to ensure you are competitive in your market?

6) Who from your company will be conducting this search and what is their recruiting experience?

Longevity as a company is of no help to you if they assign you to an inexperienced recruiter. Ask for the length of time with the company and in the specialty. The specific recruiter you work for should be able to provide examples of their successes and references.

7) What is your replacement guarantee policy?

Evaluate the guarantees your recruiter makes to determine if it’s a true guarantee. How long do you have to determine if you are satisfied? Do they offer refunds or a replacement? In many cases, a replacement is fine, but if they completely miss the mark, you may not be willing to let them have another go.

8) What are your fees to conduct this search?

You often get what you pay for in terms of quality, but if their pricing seems completely out of line, you’ll want to find out why. Sometimes it’s worth paying a premium for the best. Remember that a bad hire can cost up to four times the employee’s salary to replace. Getting it right the first time can save you money in the long run.

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