Transformative Travel – How Can Your Business Make a Life-Lasting Impact


It probably seems that returning from a vacation refreshed and relaxed should be enough, but today’s travelers expect more. They want a truly transformative experience. What is that, and how can your business make the most of this opportunity? Let’s explore these thoughts.

What is transformative travel?

Transformative travel means more than laying on the beach. These travelers want an immersive experience where they can dig into the native culture and really get to know the people, tradition and topography of the area. These travelers are less interested in the all-inclusive resort than they are in the locals who work there.

How can you create a memorable experience?

You have to work with what you’ve got. You can’t airlift your hotel to a third-world country so your guests can help the impoverished. What you can do is see what is unique to your location. A vacation can be transformative without being a mission trip.

What makes a transformative trip?

It can just come down to giving your guests the opportunity to get away from tourist hustle. If you are located in a city, you can show them where to tour street art or to dine like the locals. Do some research to find the things that DON’T appear on the top ten to-do lists. Can your guests day trip to a location where they can make a difference?

Ask questions

Don’t presume to know what your guests are thinking when it comes to transformational travel. You may plan a cultural immersion excursion only to find out they are looking for more of a nature retreat. Communication is essential to meeting and exceeding guest expectations.

Learn more about transformative travel.

If you would like to learn more about the transformational travel movement, consider signing up with the Transformational Travel Council. You can read their blog, sign up for press releases and keep up with what the rest of the industry is doing.

Partner with a top hotel recruiter

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