A Hospitality Recruiter Helps You Take the Career Jump You’re Ready to Make


Thinking about a career change? Not sure if it’s the right time or how to decide which job is right for you? Or maybe you know exactly where you want to work, but you don’t have an “in.” That’s why you need to work with a hospitality recruiter.

What can a hospitality recruiter do for you?

The ideal recruiter is someone who understands the hospitality industry – ideally, they worked in it themselves. They have relationships with hiring managers at restaurants, hotels and resorts. They know who’s hiring, what they look for in a new manager or executive and which employers will be the right fit (and steer you away from the ones who won’t).

How can a recruiter know what job is right for you?

They will talk to you. They’ll get to know your career, your interests and ambitions. They become a resource for you and a trusted advocate with your best interests in mind. They will be honest with you about whether uprooting your family to take that resort job is a good idea. They will help pave the way to get you in front of a decision maker at your dream employer. They may even tell you to sit tight for a few weeks or months because they know about a promising opportunity that’s opening soon.

Why work with a recruiter?

It’s like hiring a career consultant – without being out of pocket. The employer pays for the hospitality recruiter’s services. It’s a win-win-win because it’s in the best interest of you, the recruiter and the employer to make a perfect match.

They know where the jobs are! Local or nationwide, they can do a more comprehensive search than you could, and they have access to jobs that aren’t even posted.

They can help with a big change. Had enough of the snow, and ready to move someplace tropical? Conversely, always wanted to work someplace you can ski every day? If you partner with a hospitality recruiter with a nationwide reach, you can relocate if you like without struggling to find a job once you get there.

They can keep your search confidential. Your hospitality recruiter can do all the legwork for you at no risk to your current job. They’ll book interviews around your schedule and make sure you don’t waste time interviewing for positions that won’t be the right fit.

Work with a top hospitality recruiter

To learn more about your options, visit our job board for current openings or see the full range of our career coaching services. To learn more about restaurant recruitment or hotel recruitment, contact the experts at Horizon Hospitality today.



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