Food Trends to Jump on Right Now


As they say on Project Runway, “One minute you’re in, the next minute you’re out.” That’s just as true for restaurants as it is for design. But when it seems like new food trends are rolling out daily, how can you decide which ones to jump on and which to skip?

It’s important to hang onto some tried and true menu items your regulars have come to count on, but you need to keep it fresh and exciting, especially if you want to attract foodies who are eager to try every trend on the market.

Here are a few of the latest trends. Take a look and think about which ones are likely to fit into your restaurants theme or mood.


The popularity of this cut of beef is on the rise. It’s old-school, but it’s been appearing everywhere from taco trucks to upscale dining establishments.

Tator Tots

Another entry from the nostalgia files, diners are quite literally eating these up. Tots are appearing on menus as part of a garbage plate, poutine or even nachos.


This simple dish is basically a meat and cheese platter, but it pairs particularly well with craft beers which continue to be popular. With attention to ingredients and presentation, you can turn a nice profit on this simple-to-prepare dish.


Noodle shops are popping up all over featuring this soup. Should you join the crowd? Maybe. If you’re willing to study the flavor profile, like most soups, Pho is a great way to repurpose ingredients to prevent waste.


If vegans or vegetarians are among your regular clientele, you can’t go wrong with jackfruit. Billed as a meat substitute it can be eaten raw or cooked in everything from vegan “pulled pork” to curries. Best of all, it’s affordable and sustainable.


This versatile vegetable continues to be popular, but not if you just steam it and plop it on a plate. Try roasting it, using it as a gluten-free pizza crust or mashing it like potatoes for your low carb/paleo diners.

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