Artificial Intelligence Will Help Recruiters – What Does It Make Easier


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those terms that seems to get tossed around by people who don’t really know what it is and how it can affect their business. This is especially true when it comes to hiring. In fact, 35 percent of talent professionals and hiring managers say that AI is the top trend impacting how they hire. Recruiters are overwhelmed and are open to almost anything that can help them get more done in their day and eliminate tasks that waste their revenue generating time.

Which AI benefits should recruiters adopt, and what is the expected impact?

Eliminate repetitive tasks. Any recruiter will tell you repetitive but necessary tasks can consume a ridiculous amount of their day. Increasingly smart recruiters rely on innovations they may not even think of as AI such as software that automates candidate searches and quickly identifies individuals who match your clients’ requirements.

Efficiently process applicants. Chatbots can save an enormous amount of time in the recruitment process. Add a chatbot to your website and it can answer simple questions for applicants and help direct them into the correct funnels for processing. A bot can sort applicants into categories. Applicants who don’t match your requirements can receive a “Thanks for Applying” message. Potential matches can be sent to a file for follow-up or directed to next steps. Really hot prospects can be flagged for an immediate call, so you don’t lose them to the competition.

Avoid inherent bias. As much as you may try to be impartial, everyone has biases they may be unaware of. AI can remove that flawed human element from initial screening to ensure candidates are not eliminated or put forward based on gender, age or race. Of course, the fairness of the screening is only as good as the data and algorithms employed by the system, so it may be an imperfect system, but is a step forward on the road to full diversity.

Improve candidates’ experience. AI can be used to scan resumes, schedule interviews and send emails. While this may seem impersonal at first blush, from the candidate’s perspective, they are getting an immediate response, so they don’t have to wonder about their status. If each recruiter personalizes any correspondence with their own speaking style, it gives the candidate a sense of who you are and what to expect, giving your professional relationship a jump start.

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