A Revamped Interview Process Helps Candidate Retention


Often the interview process is focused exclusively on getting a top prospect on board, with little thought put into keeping them with your company for the long run. What new interview tools could help you to that end?

Focus on understanding.

By really getting to know candidates, you can better see who will fit into your company culture in the long run and will show potential for development. It’s important to get past a candidate’s interview face. One of the best ways to do this is to let your own guard down.

Look beyond the interview.

Those who interview best may not be the best employees. It’s not uncommon to be biased towards those you like, but you need to focus on whether or not they can do the job. It can be tough to really evaluate a restaurant or hotel employee in a simple conversation across a desk. Consider alternates to traditional interviews for better results.

  • Online skills assessments. Standardized tests can help measure traits and soft skills impartially, improving your chances of identifying candidates with desirable attributes.
  • On-the-job auditions. Observe candidate skills on the job by having them actually perform the work they will be doing if hired. You would compensate them for their time, of course.
  • Lunch or dinner interviews. It’s a great way to see how they treat people and possibly deal with disappointment or inconvenience.
  • Virtual reality. Immerse candidates in a 3-D environment that mimics the workplace to evaluate their skills without the risk.
  • Video interviews. This allows you to draw candidates from a larger pool when you don’t need to have people into your office for a first interview.

Think outside the box

Today there are so many more options than sitting in a conference room with a prospective employee – options that may be much more effective. Consider the qualities of your best employees and brainstorm methods to identify those skills in new candidates and ensure you make a long-lasting match.

Work with a recruiter.

A restaurant or hotel recruiter gives you a distinct advantage in finding and retaining talent. They are industry experts and interviewing experts – making it easy to see through a candidate’s “interview mask.” At Horizon Hospitality, our exceptionally skilled recruiters are here to help you make hires that will make an impact on your business today and in the long run.

If you’re searching for in-demand professionals for your hotel or restaurant, contact the hospitality recruiters at Horizon Hospitality today.



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