Is Your Company Ready to Grow BUT Your Hiring Process Isn’t?


When your company is in growth mode, getting the right people in place quickly is critical to your success. But if you are using an outmoded hiring process, you will have trouble keeping up. Here are some ideas to keep your hiring on track.

Ask for help.

One of the best sources for new employees is existing employees. Ask for recommendations from your best people. It’s a great way to get candidates who are both qualified and the right fit for your company. Your employees know your culture and what it’s like to work there. That reduces the risk of hiring mistakes like bringing on someone who requires a lot of hand-holding when you need someone who can hit the ground running. It also increases your chance of getting a quality hire. Your current employee won’t want to be embarrassed by recommending someone who is subpar.

Have a clear brand.

When someone talks about Hilton or Olive Garden, for example, an applicant is going to have an impression of what the company is like before they apply and whether it’s someplace they want to work. Impressions aren’t universal though. Where you see professional or upscale, an applicant may see stuffy. When you talk fast casual, they may think down-market. You want to attract people who think, “Yep, that’s me – I want to work there.”

Leverage social media.

Connect with people in a real way via social media. You can cast a wide net, target the people you want to reach and show people who you are. Identify social media communities that are relevant to your company and find candidates who align with your culture. Even if you’re not looking to hire candidates now, engage them as passive candidates to build a talent pipeline. They will feel valued and eager to join your team when you are ready to hire.

Work with a specialized or niche recruiter.

One of the best ways to keep up a growing company is to partner with a recruitment firm experienced in hiring in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Sourcing, screening, and hiring are what they do best. Most reputable search firms are always in contact with top-tier candidates who are not active on the job market and are seeking to conduct their job search in a highly confidential manner. These recruiting firms have developed effective processes to hire quickly and accurately and can get the ball rolling on hiring while you manage all the other aspects that go into growing a successful business.

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