What Can You Do to Make Your Hiring Process as Easy as Possible?


Hiring is increasingly competitive. Making the process easier on applicants and more efficient for yourself can ensure that you spend your time more productively, keep the interest of top talent and ensure you hire and retain the best people.

Make it easy to apply.

One of the biggest problems is application abandonment. This can occur when an application is too long or too complex. Consider shortening the application to capture just the essentials.

You only need some basic information to decide if an applicant is a viable candidate. By offering an abbreviated application as a point of entry, you get applicants into the hiring funnel for additional assessment.

Request additional details as the need arises.

Long complicated applications are likely to turn off the best candidates because they know they have many employment opportunities. One-click applications get people into your system faster.

Leverage social media.

It’s where people are. Communicate potential candidates on their terms. Capture their attention with snappy headlines and engaging images and keep them on your site with engaging content. Investigate options to allow applicants to apply through Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media.

Simplify your process.

A smart way to simplify your hiring process is by partnering with a recruitment firm that works exclusively in the restaurant and hospitality industry. At Horizon Hospitality, we understand what you need to know to make good hiring decisions and keep your business on track. Our restaurant and hotel recruiters work closely with you to identify and attract the top talent you need to succeed and grow your business.

Partner with a recruiter.

If you are clear about your must-haves and like-to-haves and your culture, a recruiter who understands your industry is indispensable. They can ensure that a match is the right one for you and the candidate. They can be frank with you and the candidate at a level you typically would not. This can go a long way to improving retention.

If you’re searching for in-demand professionals for your restaurant or hotel, contact the hospitality recruiters at Horizon Hospitality today.



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