Personalization in a Traveler’s Experience Creates Brand Loyalty

According to a survey from American Express, 90 percent of travelers appreciate when a travel service company strives to customize their experience based on their preferences, while 76 percent of travelers agree the level of personalized customer service they receive while traveling can really make or break their trip.

Use the following tips to improve personalization.

Leverage Technology

Today’s technology can take guest experiences to the next level. Personalization can be as simple as greeting a guest by name to setting their room to the perfect temperature and have their favorite amenities waiting for them upon arrival, from extra towels, to the contents of the minibar.

Optimize Mobile

Leveraging mobile is an effective way to improve personalization, providing for ease of check-in, a mobile app that can take the place of a key to the ability to pay for their stay or any extras right from their phone. The better your app, and the more that can be done with it, the better your chance of engaging the guest and making a loyal customer of them.

Build Brand Identity

To build brand loyalty, you must go beyond the ease of transaction that consumers have come to expect and provide a truly personalized experience. If you are committed to improving your brand’s perception, you cannot stop at online bookings and check-ins. You must truly put yourself in the consumers’ shoes, solving problems they didn’t know they had, at every stage of their travels. Create personas that represent the different sorts of travelers you attract from business travelers to families to singles and brainstorm what it will take to create an exceptional experience for each one of them.

Reward Loyalty

With the growth of Airbnb and similar organizations, there is an increased focus on living like a local in a travel environment. If a guest chooses to book with you instead, you would be wise to offer a blended experience, helping them have an immersive experience that makes them feel less like a tourist, while still offering the hands-on service and amenities they expect from a hotel.

Hospitality professionals who make the effort to understand their guest and provide shareworthy service will gain brand loyalty that will earn both referrals and repeat visits.

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