Which Talent Management Solution Helps Your Business Grow in 2018?


While it’s difficult to predict what 2018 will bring, it’s critical to create a strategy for growth in the year ahead and put systems in place to support it. One of the smartest ways to accomplish this goal is by developing your current talent and recruiting top prospects. Savvy leaders will focus on improving productivity and developing staff to groom them for internal promotion.

Consider what you can do to improve performance in 2018. Start by assessing where each employee stands, determining their professional goals and putting a plan in place for them to reach these goals within your organization.

Behavioral Assessments. Options such as DISC assessments reveal each individual’s natural motivations and behavior.

Job Benchmarking. Evaluate current hospitality positions and those you’re planning to add in order to understand the skills, qualifications and experience the most successful employees possess.

Developmental Assessments. By evaluating where employees are professionally, you can identify high-potential individuals to fast track into more responsible roles. You can then determine what support and resources to put in place to ensure they succeed in their new role.

Self Assessments. In order to understand the level of self-awareness your team members have, it’s essential they take stock of their own strengths and weaknesses. By understanding themselves, and sharing their results, you can work with them to develop plans to overcome their shortcomings and develop their abilities.

360/Personal Performance Reviews. These surveys provide valuable feedback regarding the perceptions of other teammates and how well they work as part of a team. You can then use these assessments to create a development plan specific to the individual.

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