Your Restaurant Is on OpenTable, Should You Be on Resy?


If your restaurant is already on OpenTable, does it make sense to be on Resy as well? If you are unfamiliar with Resy, it’s a restaurant reservation and wait list system recently launched by Airbnb. Resy offers simple-to-use software that includes everything from table management to online bookings and POS integration.

How does it work?

Restaurants pay Resy to handle their reservation systems and, optionally, marketing and website design. Resy can be less expensive than OpenTable because the company charges a flat fee rather than the sliding scale payment OpenTable uses based on Google ad words revenue. (The more people who find you though Google, the more expensive it’s going to be.)

Resy doesn’t have nearly the footprint of OpenTable, but it’s growing and offers services that OpenTable does not. In the latest iteration of the software, diners can sync their reservations through Resy to their Apple watches. Another feature offered by Resy that’s not offered by OpenTable is an alert system that lets diners know when a table becomes available at an in-demand hot restaurant.

Resy has an option for diners to pay for peak reservations based on demand pricing. This cost can range from $2 per seat up to $50, and users can book tables up to an hour before seating time. This can be a boon in trendy areas.

What can Resy add to your business?

It can help you avoid empty seats by making it easy to reserve seating, even at the last minute. If you are in a high-demand area, it ensures every table will be filled even if there is a cancelation. It offers the benefits of Airbnb partnership. If a tourist is staying at an Airbnb property, chances are they will trust Resy with their dining experience.

It gives diners a second option to make reservations.

Not all restauranteurs are fond of the Resy model, but there are those who argue that demand-based pricing is the wave of the future. It works for Uber and Lyft, so why not for restaurant reservations?

Wondering how other innovations can help your restaurant business?

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