How Is Automation Making Scheduling and Ordering Easier?


Many restaurant professionals worry about the impact that automation could have on the restaurant industry. Will innovations remove the personal touch from diner interactions? Will you need to recruit differently to find people with both restaurant expertise and a degree of tech-savvy? But lost in these concerns is the idea that technology can bring positive changes to the industry such as automating repetitive tasks to make your life a little easier or allowing you to focus on revenue-driving activities.

At the National Restaurant Association’s trade show last spring, several innovative new products were revealed. Here’s an overview of a few of them and what they can bring to your restaurant:

Grubhub Update

Grubhub, which is enjoyed by diners as a quick and easy way to order from their favorite restaurants, has integrated with POS provider Oracle Hospitality to make the service even easier and more seamless. Previously, orders coming through the Grubhub website still had to be manually input into the restaurant’s POS system. With the Oracle integration, those orders go directly from the Grubhub site to the restaurant’s system, avoiding errors and delays.


One of the toughest tasks for a restaurant manager is balancing staff. Too many servers on the floor and they stand idle. Too few and diners don’t get the level of service they deserve. With OpenSImSim, managers can communicate with workers on the fly through a free smartphone app. Workers can view schedules, swap shifts or change availability right from the palm of their hands.

Noodoe Block

A source of frustration for diners is often the struggle to communicate with their busy server. The Noodoe Service block, unveiled at the NDA show, is a device that sits on each table. It enables diners to gain the attention of their servers simply by flipping the block to their desired action. For example, if the diner would like the server to bring their check, they would flip the block to that side. A wireless signal is then sent to the server’s digital wristband notifying the server of the customer’s wishes.

How can technology improve hospitality talent acquisition?

Restaurants must find candidates who are as well-versed in technology as they are in the restaurant industry. Technological advances are only going to increase, so it’s essential to be open and flexible to the changes they will bring. If you’re seeking candidates for your restaurant, contact the restaurant recruiting experts at Horizon Hospitality.



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