The Next Big “Eatertainment” Chain

Scott Samuels, CEO of Horizon Hospitality, was quoted Chain Restaurants Magazine.

In an age when Millennials are prone to living and eating via multitasking, food alone may not be sufficient to keep them engaged.

Punch Bowl Social “identified a niche, the social eating market, and executed at a high level,” says Scott Samuels, the Leawood, Kansas-based CEO of Horizon Hospitality, a restaurant and hospitality recruiting firm. It mostly attracts millennials who want to socialize in one place, play games and dine.

Punch Bowl Social has “achieved success because they’ve offered quality food, craft beers, and a classy, sophisticated atmosphere,” Samuels says.

Samuels doesn’t see most Baby Boomers being attracted to Punch Bowl Social. “Their needs are different; the social piece and interaction is more of a special occasion for baby boomers than [taking place] every weekend,” he says. Since it has identified a niche market that is large enough to sustain growth, he expects them to prosper.

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