Is a Locker for Wine or Liquor a Feature Your Favorite Customers Would Appreciate?

What is your restaurant clientele like? Do they enjoy the finer things? Are they willing to pay a premium for them? A private onsite locker for wine and liquor may be just the perk they need to continue coming back to your establishment. After all, what would make them feel more welcome than providing a home away from home for their high-quality preferred beverages.

What is a Wine Locker?

It’s a customized, individual cabinet provided by a restaurant for regular diners to store the wine of their choice. They can place their name or the name of their business on it. It’s normally climate-controlled and locked.

Why Would a Diner Want a Wine Locker?

A locker allows clients to store their favorites on location, ensuring that the wine available to they and their guests is up to their tastes and standards.

Additionally, lockers:

  • Make clients feel like VIPs
  • Allow them a chance to advertise their business name
  • Give them access to the advice of a sommelier
  • Save them on corkage fees

In general, it gives them a memorable experience, making them feel welcome and at home.

Why should you offer Wine or Liquor Lockers?

You can bring in additional and repeat revenue by providing a unique and exclusive dining experience. Purchasing risks are reduced because you’ll buy to order for your clients.

You can even offer pairing events where you can:

  • Charge a yearly fee for the locker itself (typically around $500 per year), or monthly or per usage fees
  • Set a minimum in bottle purchases from your restaurant
  • Build a set of repeat, exclusive customers
  • Create “buzz” among other diners

If a diner decides to go out for the evening, wouldn’t their first choice be the restaurant where their favorite wines and liquors are stored – at their expense?

Wine lovers have high expectations for their restaurant experience, shouldn’t your standards for your restaurant executive search firm be just as high? Whether you’re looking for a sommelier, executive chef, or general manager, the restaurant recruiters at Horizon Hospitality can provide candidates who understand the level of service your customers demand and are prepared to deliver. Contact us today.



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