How Can a Hospitality Recruiter Consult With Its Clients to Improve Their Business?


The best way to exceed client expectations is to really dig into their experience, not just with you, but in the industry in general. Of course, you speak to them regularly, but try to do a deep dive at least once a quarter so you can adjust for the seasons and adapt to any changes in the market.

Ask questions to “take their temperature” on such common concerns as:

  • What industry trends have you observed compared to last season or this time last year?
  • How have those trends impacted your need for hospitality staff?
  • Is your performance-based bonus plan in line with today’s standards?
  • Are you offering the right benefits?
  • How are your retention rates?
  • Can you find the high-quality candidates your business needs to succeed?

Offer services that address these issues, evaluate their current practices and improve their business. Some of the most successful performance management options include:

360 Performance Reviews

360 surveys allow participants to provide valuable feedback regarding other individuals in the organization. The results of 360 surveys are then used to enhance and develop the individual and improve overall business results. A well-run 360-degree feedback survey can produce enormous benefits, both for clients and their employees.

Team-Building Workshops

Workshops should begin with establishing the specific goals and objectives of the employer. This helps teams improve their relationships through effective communication. By understanding themselves, individuals can work with their employers to develop plans to overcome their shortcomings and take full advantage of their strengths.

Job Benchmarking

Job benchmarking enables employers to assess exactly what skills and experience are required for optimal on-the-job performance. Analysis and reporting can help assess the specific talents required by a job and match them to the talents each candidate brings to the table.

Partnering with a specialized recruitment firm

At Horizon Hospitality, we provide all of these performance management services and more for the hospitality industry. If you’d like to learn more about what we have to offer, contact us today to work with a leading hospitality recruiter.



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