What Amenities Make a Vacation Rental Attractive to Travelers?


Want repeat guests and great reviews for your vacation rental? Make each guest feel at home with a few welcoming touches. This allows them to get right into relaxation mode and into the spirit of their vacation. What do vacationers love to see waiting for them when they arrive at their rental?


Keep a few basic non-perishables in the property at all times like pasta, nice quality jarred sauce and some condiments. Add few nice items just before they arrive such as bread, juice and a bowl of fruit. It will make their arrival easier If they can whip up a plate of spaghetti for their first night dinner or have condiments available if they grill a few hot dogs.

Cleaning products.

Keeping the cleaning cabinet stocked is to your advantage too. Your guests won’t deep clean the unit, nor should you expect them to. Include some basics so they can keep things tidy and comfortable. There should at least be cleaning wipes, a toilet brush and a decent broom available for use. The broom is particularly helpful if your rental property is in a beachy area to sweep up sand. Offer a mid-stay cleaning for guests who stay a week or more.

Basic instructions.

Provide instructions on everything in the unit. Let guests know how to work the appliances, what the wifi password is and who to contact if they have additional questions. Provide a listing of local radio stations and television channels so they can find their favorites if they decide to stay in for the day.

Where to go (the basics).

Provide a binder of information on where to find essential local stores and service. Consider such things as the closest grocery, drug store or gas stations (or the ones with the best prices). Include the closest hospital and walk-in clinic (and emergency vet if you allow pets).

Things to do.

Go beyond guidebook basics. Take them off the beaten track or on don’t-miss adventures. Include reviews and a list of any items they need to bring.

Travel times.

If you are in a tourist area, there may be times of heavy traffic periods that lie outside normal rush hours. Tell your guest what those times are and if they may need to allow extra time to get to the airport or any events or sights they may have tickets or reservations for.

High-end touches.

Quality linens don’t cost much more than standard, but they will make your guests feel pampered and set you apart from the competition.

Advance communication.

Stay in touch with your guests before they arrive to let them know what to expect and remind them of things they may have forgotten about such as travel insurance, passports or other commonly forgotten items.

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