Overcome Communication Challenges in Vacation Rentals


Vacation rentals can be sensitive. Vacationers have unrealistic expectations that every aspect of their stays will be idyllic and perfect. Individuals who are perfectly rational in every other aspect of their lives suddenly behave like they are the princess and the pea. The smallest inconvenience can completely ruin their vacation.

Unhappy Vacationers are the Last Thing You Want

If you have focused on vacationers as part of your customer base, you want them to have a wonderful experience. You want them to count on your rental as a place where they can put the concerns of their daily lives away and just enjoy themselves. Delighted guests tell their friends and give you positive online reviews – just what you need to keep your business thrive.

The Ball is in Your Court

Effective communication is up to you. Your guests will be exhausted and trying to relax. They probably booked their accommodations months in advance, most likely after looking at many other potential rooms. They may not remember what is included and what’s not. Do what you can to create a memorable experience for them.

Set Their Expectations

Stay in touch with them between booking and their vacation date. Send out a digital guidebook beforehand – allowing people to plan activities. Have a printed version available when they reach their location. Some people prefer hard copies, and it can be easier to plan their days when they can circle and mark up a guidebook. Maps appear better and they don’t have to worry about draining their smartphone battery when they are out and about.

Check in When They Arrive

Make sure everything is to their liking and that nothing is missing. Give them an opportunity to ask any questions and remind them of basics like where to park, where the nearest conveniences like laundry, grocery stores, gas stations, etc., are located. Remind them how to reach you; then leave them alone. Don’t make a nuisance of yourself, but respond quickly when you need them.

Part on a Good Note

On your last day, touch base with them to be sure they had a great time and thank them for staying with you. Ask for reviews and honest feedback. Follow up with them via email when it’s time to rebook.

Memorable Vacations Start With Great People

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