Which Prehire Screening Is Right for Your Hospitality Hiring Process?


Your managers can really set the tone for your restaurant, hotel or resort. They can be instrumental in your success – or failure. If your recruiting process does not include objective tools that reduce personal bias, you’ll miss out on hiring for skills that are crucial to your company’s growth and success. That’s why it’s critical to choose a prehire screening process that identifies the traits and talents you want your managers to have and eliminate those who possess tendencies you want to avoid. Consider these proven methods to increase your hiring success.

DISC Assessment

This method has been used successfully on millions of people since 1972. The DISC assessment categorizes potential employees’ emotions and behavior so you will know how to motivate them and how well they will fit in with your team and your company culture.

Thurstone Test of Mental Alertness (TMA)

This assessment measures mental abilities, particularly some of those most vital to the hospitality industry such as the ability to learn and adapt quickly and think on your feet. This test can ensure that new hires are up to the job at hand, shortening the training/ramp-up period, improving retention and ensuring the candidate has the mental acuity to make a positive impact on the organization.

TriMetrix DNA

This assessment provides information on whether a candidate is likely to fit into your organization. It can guide you in how to best manage and motivate an individual to success and identify competencies you can capitalize on. In short, it shows what they are good at, and why and how you can motivate them to be the best.

Background and Reference Checks

No discussion of prehire screening would be complete without the inclusion of these old-school checks, now sometimes conducted with updated technologies. It’s getting harder for candidates to conceal things like employment gaps, criminal records or falsified education or experience. But extensive investigations can be time-consuming and you have to know where to look. Working with a hospitality recruiter, who is an expert in your industry, can save you time and aggravation.

Partner with Seasoned and Objective Recruiters

Be sure you are making the right hiring decisions by partnering with the experts at Horizon Hospitality. We can recruit the best possible candidates and extensively screen them to your specifications before you make an offer. Contact us today to learn more, or start your restaurant or hotel executive search.






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