What Hotel Trends Aren’t Going Away Anytime Soon

In recent years, several trends have entered the hospitality industry. While some of them are likely to fall by the wayside, many appear to have staying power. Embrace these trends to attract new guests and encourage previous visitors to make a return trip.

Bleisure Travel

For many people who are overscheduled or on a tight budget, the best way to squeeze in a quick break is to tack a couple of days onto a business trip or to bring loved ones along for the ride. Take advantage of this trend by offering accommodations or activities to keep family members busy and sharing what there is to do in the area. Many business events such as conferences or conventions are hosted in cities that are also tourist destinations. Why not encourage guests to extend their stay for a few days of relaxation or fun?

Mobile-Friendly Travel

Travelers have become accustomed to doing everything via their smartphones from tracking their flights to summoning an Uber. Stay ahead of this trend by making sure your website is mobile-friendly, allowing electronic check-in and investigating technologies that enable guests to use a smartphone app to keyless access their room.

Traveling With Pets

For many travelers, pets are part of the family. Who wants to leave Fido or Fluffy home alone or board them in a kennel, when so many hotels now offer pet-friendly accommodations? If you are willing to welcome pets to your establishment, share this information with potential guests. Don’t forget the little touches that make it easier to travel with pets, such as strategically placed water bowls, access to waste bags and directions to the nearest dog park.

Limited Service and Day Stays

Some travelers just need a place to crash. The extra bells and whistles that attract some guests mean nothing to them. How can you accommodate guests who just need to shower, change and sleep – either overnight or just a couple of hours? Offer the basics. Make sure the room is meticulously clean, provide plenty of towels and hang blackout curtains.

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