Attract Millennials Without Losing Other Business – Yes, It’s Possible!

Thinking about marketing to millennials, but afraid you’ll drive away your current customers? Chances are you have nothing to worry about. Many of the things millennials prefer will also be enjoyed by others, millennials just get there a little quicker.

Here are a few ideas for attracting millennials while retaining customer of all ages.

Engage on social media.

While younger customers may be social early adopters, people of virtually any age participate in social media. Try a variety of media from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram to make it simple for customers to find you and learn about your business. Experiment to see what works. Instagram is great for showing off a beautifully plated meal or well-turned-out guest accommodations.

Encourage reviews.

The latest generation of consumers frequently chooses to “crowdsource” decisions, looking for reviews and social media feedback on the quality of service, accommodations and food before committing their hard-earned dollars. Manage the feedback by asking happy customers to leave a great review.

Shop locally.

If you run a restaurant, you are probably aware the locavore movement is growing. This trend may have started with millennials, but diners of all ages are learning the advantages that locally sourced food can bring. Cooking with local ingredients gives you a big bang for your buck in terms of flavor and variety while lessening the impact on the environment.

Optimize for mobile.

Increasingly, customers of all ages are relying on their smartphones to pay for goods and services, book trips and even offer online feedback. Accepting mobile payment from vendors such as Apple and Samsung can give you an edge above the competition.

Make pets welcome.

Many people consider their animals part of the family. Millennials in particular look for restaurants with dog-friendly patios or hotels that allow them to travel with their pets. Younger consumers may be the first to prioritize pets when using hospitality services, but many others appreciate it as well.

Wise hospitality professionals open their doors to consumers of all ages. Ensuring your restaurant or hotel is well managed is only one of the many factors that go into your success – and it’s the one that Horizon Hospitality can help with! Our restaurant executive recruitment and hotel executive recruitment team can help you find and attract top talent. Contact Horizon Hospitality to get started today.



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