What Does a Hospitality Recruiter Want to See on Your LinkedIn Page?

LinkedIn continues to grow as a recruiting source. If you know the recruiters will be coming there, what do you need to do to capture their attention? Plenty of people with similar skills and experience have profiles posted to LinkedIn as well. It’s up to you to set yourself apart. Make sure you include the following if you want to grab the attention of a hospitality recruiter.

Profile Picture

Profile pictures have become the norm on LinkedIn. If you don’t have one, viewers may wonder why. If you don’t have a professional photo on hand, ask a friend to take one of you against a neutral background in clothing appropriate to the kind of job you’re looking for. If you’re a chef, wear your jacket, hotel professionals should wear professional clothing. Most other roles will be fine with a business casual wear such as a collared shirt.


Hospitality recruiters want to see details about your achievements and how you made an impact on the job. Have you saved employers money? Attracted new clientele? Detail it on your LinkedIn profile. Use action words in your description to really grab attention.


Ideally you should have 150-200 connections or more. This demonstrates you are engaged in your industry and know others in similar fields. It also indicates a degree of social media savvy that is desirable to employers. Join groups and participate in discussions regularly.

Good Writing

You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway, but your writing should be clear and error free. It’s best to create a draft of your profile before you post it to LinkedIn. That way you can run it through spell check and maybe have a friend take a look at it for a second opinion. Include an attention-grabbing summary with industry keywords. Keep it brief and engaging.

Need more advice on creating a winning LinkedIn profile, contact the restaurant and hotel recruiters at Horizon Hospitality. We network across the country to find out what companies are hiring and where the best jobs are. The recruiters at Horizon Hospitality are an invaluable resource, trusted advisors and advocates who will be at your side – and on your side – as you move ahead with your career.




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