Automation Could be Coming to Your Next Restaurant

One potential side effect of the rise in minimum wage is the increase in automation in the restaurant industry. Is it something you should adopt for your business? Machines take no sick days (unless they have mechanical issues), are never late and don’t get tired – all great advantages. But is it worth possibly losing the personal touch that may set your restaurant apart?

This kind of innovation has been a long time coming, but developments have been accelerated recently because of increases in minimum wage. Restaurant employers wonder if they can’t save money on hiring by adding automated options to their business.

How can restaurants automate?

Many are discussing adding kiosks to their business, much like the self-service options found in retail stores. Fast food restaurants in particular are finding advantages to automating. Kiosks can reduce labor costs because they can hire fewer workers, offsetting the increase in minimum wage.

Automation can actually increase customer satisfaction because they are in complete control of their order and can request their meal exactly as they prefer. Consumers have become accustomed to self-service options, which might make this just the right time to try this innovation.

Some fast casual restaurants have added touch-screen tablets where customers can order and pay right at their table. Being able to turn tables over faster also provides the opportunity to serve more parties and increase revenue on a nightly basis.

Pros and cons of restaurant automation.

Not all customers are pleased with this development. The technology can be confusing to some, and they may miss the human interaction that they have become accustomed to.

For the most part, kiosks will only work for fast or fast casual dining options. For other restaurants, customers frequently come for the experience. That means that if you want people to come to your establishment, you’ve got to step up your game. Your food must be fresher and more innovative than they could get at home.

You must provide a relaxing, transformative experience if you want to attract customers who want more than a quick touch screen dine and go.

Adopting the latest technology can present both advantages and disadvantages to your restaurant. Horizon Hospitality can help you keep up with the latest developments, and find the professionals you need to remain profitable, efficient and up to date. Contact the restaurant executive search specialists at Horizon Hospitality today.



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