Does Your Company Have a Hiring Benchmark for Its Top Performers?

How do you know what to look for in your next top performer? Take a look at your best people now! By benchmarking what qualities your current top employees possess, you’ll know how to compare candidates to success stories – and make a great match.

How do you define success in your restaurant employees?

Check out your reviews. A quick perusal of online reviews will tell you how customers feel about the quality of the food and service in your restaurant. Try not to get hung up on an outlier or two who may either rave or rant.

Look for trends that indicate people feel well taken care of when they visit your business and are eager to return (and bring friends!).

Look at your bottom line. Top-line revenue shows you how many people are coming in the door and what they are spending. But many factors that go into maximizing your bottom line are heavily influenced by your employees.

Top performers are engaged and look for ways to reduce expenses while keeping customers happy. For example, a top-performing executive chef will not only turn out innovative delicious meals, he will also look for strategies to keep food costs down.

Focus on fit. Your restaurant has a tone or a mood. Whether it’s rustic chic, white table cloth formal or hip and trendy, the best employees are the ones who embrace that vibe. Look at the many ways that your employees put their own personal spin on that brand identity and how they embody it in their interactions with customers.  Candidates you consider don’t have to mirror current staff, but they should be open to adapting to your vision.

How can you find candidates who meet your benchmarks?

Partnering with a specialized recruiter can help. The restaurant recruiters at Horizon Hospitality enable you to reach and attract the right people.  Whether it’s through our Job Benchmarking process for hospitality firms or by just reading our TTI Insights flyer, Horizon Hospitality can help your hospitality company measure the talents necessary for your open position and find the right fit for your company

When you work with a restaurant executive search firm, you can be confident that they understand the business and know what it takes to be successful. Contact Horizon Hospitality today. As experts in restaurant recruitment, we have the expertise to connect you with a diverse range of experienced, talented people looking for hospitality careers.



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