Bring Local Connections to Your Guests

Increasingly, travelers look for ways to connect with the places where they stay. Business travelers in particular often come and go in a city with no sense of what it’s like. They simply don’t have the time to get out and about. By bringing that local flavor to them, you provide a sense that they are someplace different from home. Make it intriguing and they may come back for a longer stay when they have a few vacation days to burn. Or they could continue to use your hotel down the line for future business travel.

Provide An Immersion Experience. Today’s travelers are more interested in getting to know the places where they travel than duplicating their home experience. Share the history of your city with visitors. Frame vintage pictures of local attractions. Provide directions or transportation so guests can check it out for themselves.

Farm to table dining. If you provide dining as well as accommodations, focus on fresh local produce and add local specialties to your menu. Leave chocolates on their pillows? Make sure that chocolate is locally produced or sourced. Provide contact information for the local companies if the travelers want to make additional purchases.

Local hangouts. Make a list of places where the locals hang out so that guests get more than the tourist experience. Younger travelers especially want to experience the popular local hangouts.

Food shopping. Make it easy to find local grocery stores or farmers markets. Even if your rooms don’t include a kitchen, travelers frequently enjoy stocking up on healthy snacks. Offer shuttle service if there isn’t one within walking distance.

Running trails. Map out walking/running routes of various lengths. People often want to get a little fresh air and exercise when they travel, but they don’t know where the safe areas are or where they can find the most interesting local sites.

For more tips on making guest visits memorable (and encourage return trips) contact the experts at Horizon Hospitality. We offer industry insights and help hotels, restaurants and resorts to attract top hospitality talent. Contact us today to learn more or begin your search.

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