Make Your Hotel Appealing to Travelers for a Day Stay


Travelers know that there is simply nothing worse than a long layover in a strange city with no amenities available in the airport but the hard floor or an uncomfortable chair. Whether they are traveling for business or on their way to a long-awaited vacation, a stressful travel experience is the last thing they need. Day Stays or Daytels can give travelers access to all the comforts of home, and allow hoteliers to increase their revenues with little investment.

What Exactly Is a Day Stay?

It’s a haven for travelers who need a quick place to change clothes and freshen up. Hotels that offer day stay service allow travelers to use unoccupied rooms. Guests enjoy a shower, maybe a short nap and a place to get a little work done – much better than spending that long layover at the airport.

Rooms are usually made available between the hours of eight or nine a.m. and five or six in the evening. Day Stay service has been available in many European hotels for nearly a decade. It’s since spread to a handful of American cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami.

It’s a great use of rooms that might otherwise go vacant. Most traditional hotel guests check in after six and leave before nine, leaving rooms vacant for the bulk of the daylight hours. If hotels can attract day visitors to use the rooms during that time period, they can book their hotels at 150 percent of capacity or more.

How Can Hoteliers Capitalize On This Opportunity?

Provide the amenities that short-time visitors need. Improve cleaning services so that the rooms can be turned quickly. Sloppy housekeeping won’t win you return visitors.

  • Attract visitors by making it simple to book and to get in and out quickly.
  • Advertise day availability on your website and social media.
  • Make day rates affordable for business or vacation travelers.
  • Offer shuttle service and be time conscious.

You only have a little time to make a great impression. Make it simple for travelers to get in a quick workout or answer emails while lounging by the pool. Handle a short visit well and you’ll likely earn their return business – hopefully for a longer stay.

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