Be Better Than the Competition to Win Customers

In the hospitality industry, there is no shortage of competition. Standing out among your competitors is the only way to get and keep customers. What strategies can you employ to set yourself apart and maintain and grow your successful business?

Identify your competition. It’s not always as simple as you think. Is your hotel competing with Airbnb or similar sites? Is your restaurant up against not just restaurant down the street, but perhaps a café on a college campus? Think carefully about what you do better than they do. Do you offer better or more comprehensive service? A more inviting atmosphere? Emphasize these differentiators in the way you take care of customers, and in your marketing

Show your local colors. Particularly if you draw your customers from a large geographical region, you can attract potential customers by demonstrating what is unique about your area. Offer local foods, decorate in a way that both relaxes and transports the people who visit.

Try to say “yes.” Customers often have very specific preferences. Addressing the ones that your competitors do not can set you apart. Customers can seem difficult to please at times, but chances are that if you don’t, someone else will. If your customer has a request that you can possibly accommodate you should.

Reinforce your brand. Identify your differentiators and use them throughout your branding. That positive branding will help attract people to your business. Make your hotel or restaurant the place that people want to go.

Solicit reviews. Once you have established your brand and have built a clientele that enjoys your establishment, ask them to review your business online. Suggest using Yelp or other review sites commonly used to research local hotels or restaurants.

Leverage social media. Engage with your customers on Facebook and Twitter to show your organization’s personality, share special deals or events and address any customer concerns.

Offer loyalty programs. Once you have made a great impression on a guest, loyalty programs can keep them coming back. Stay engaged with former guests or customers. Keeping existing customers is always easier than finding new ones.

Often, what sets you apart from the competition is the people you hire. By working with the hotel and restaurant recruiting experts at Horizon Hospitality, you can find better people faster. Contact us today and we will work together to help you beat your competitors to the best talent.

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