Hire Right and You Won’t Have to Worry About Culture

Much has been made in the last few years about the importance of cultural fit in hiring. But candidates with the right mix of skills, attitude and work ethic can fit into most any culture, whether you are running a fast-casual restaurant or a fine-dining establishment. Identify these gems, bring them on board and you’ll soon have a staff of A players. Your culture will be one of excellence, no matter what kind of establishment you run.

Take a Scientific Approach

Consider adding assessments to your hiring process that will identify the skills, tendencies and personality traits that you require in a new employee. But consider assessments just one tool in your arsenal, and don’t rely on them exclusively.

Benchmark Against Your Best

You know who your best employees are. What sets them apart? Look for the same qualities in the candidates you interview to try and duplicate that success in future hires.

Don’t Over-Hire

In the hospitality industry, there is a tendency to hire many candidates and see who can cut it on the job. This serves no one well. Employees may take shortcuts to make themselves look better. And while this winnowing process is going on, you’re exposing your customers to these subpar employees. Who knows what damage they may have done to your organization while they were on the payroll?

Observe Their Interactions

Interview them near where they are likely to work. Observe how they treat people, and react to their environment. They will be on their best behavior for you, but what about the server who brings them a glass of water? Introduce them to the other employees. Are they friendly to them and engaging? They will be working with all types of people on the job. See them in action now.

Be Prepared To Train

Even experienced candidates will require some hand holding to get up-to-speed on how you do business. Look for prospects who are open-minded and willing to learn. Avoid those who appear to be stuck in the way they have always done things and are unwilling to change.

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