A Change In Management Is Coming. How Do You Prepare Your Staff?

A change in management can be disconcerting to your team. Employees grow accustomed to an individual’s management style and know what to expect of them – what their communication style is, how often they provide feedback, how lax or stern they are about enforcing rules or policies.

Change is difficult for many people and the thought of adapting to new management can be daunting. How can you smooth the transition – keeping your people happy and ensuring that the quality of your service doesn’t suffer?

Prepare as far in advance as possible. Communicate the upcoming changes so your employees know what to expect. People can often meet the challenge of adapting to management changes if they are given the time they need to prepare. Adequate time to anticipate and process the information may lessen the impact. Resistant employees may never welcome change, but they can learn to deal with it.

Engage with employees. Information is power. Empower your employees and improve your results. Help them to understand the reason for the change and the positives and negatives of the change.

Enlist promoters. Identify the people on your team who are able to easily adapt to change and ask for their help getting their peers on board. Make an ally of these employees to walk their peers through the change.

Make time for feedback. Allow employees to ask questions and vent in a safe environment. You may even find that they have suggestions that can help the transition go much smoother.

Once you get buy-in from a few employees, they will share their enthusiasm with their co-workers and may end up being your biggest boosters.

Knowing that a manager is leaving for a position outside the company, or when there is some restructuring going on internally can be very stressful for your team. Taking these steps can help prepare staff members for a new manager or other changes.

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