2015 For Hospitality: What’s In Store for Your Hotel or Restaurant?

One of hospitality’s most prominent trends in 2015 is continued consumer demand for locally sourced ingredients. Restaurant customers continue to ask for locally sourced and sustainable produce, meats and fish. Travelers to your hotel will be looking for meals and accommodations that offer local flavor over sterile corporate staleness.

What Does That Mean For Hospitality Hiring?

Focus on adding staff and management who are knowledgeable and committed to customer experience. They must be willing to learn local offerings, educate diners on menu items and go the extra mile to understand what terms like sustainable, farm-to-table and locally-sourced mean.

Look for candidates who are truly committed to the hospitality industry. Do they spend Saturday morning at the farmer’s market? Keep up with industry trends? People who view their restaurant or hotel jobs as a career are more likely to focus on providing customer experience that translates to repeat business.

Spend More Time on Training

It’s great to have employees who are willing to learn, but you must give them the resources and materials they need. Be sure that servers taste menu and special dishes before shift and are educated on where the ingredients come from.

Go the Extra Mile

Today’s diners are willing to pay a little more for a farm to table experience. Add specials to your menu that feature fresh local ingredients. Don’t hesitate to invest in premium ingredients from local producers or those who practice sustainable farming or fishing methods. This will attract customers who are willing to pay a little more.

Decorate With the Location in Mind

Once travelers found comfort in consistency across a brand – nationally and even internationally, but today, they are more likely to prefer to feel like a local wherever they travel. Include little touches that make your restaurant or hotel distinct. Even someone on a business trip can enjoy the feeling of getting away from it all.

For more insights on trends for 2015 and beyond or for help recruiting savvy hospitality professionals, contact Horizon Hospitality. We can help you find people committed to great guest experience vision and growing your bottom line.


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