What Are Hospitality Recruiting Managers Looking For On Your LinkedIn Profile?


Hiring managers often rely heavily on social media like LinkedIn as a tool to find and evaluate talent. Whether they reach out to you proactively or review your online profile once you’ve sent them a resume, it’s critical that your profile send the right message.

Keep It Positive

Don’t put “Looking for new opportunities” in your headline. Avoid anything that makes you look too desperate for. Emphasize the qualities that will make hiring managers want to offer you a job.

Add a Professional Photo

Use a professional head-shot if you have one, or choose a photo with a simple or business-like background. Don’t use a party selfie with your friends cropped out, no matter how good you look in it.

Create an Engaging Headline

Concisely state what you have to offer. Don’t be excessively cute, unless that’s what employers in your line of work want. Use industry keywords that hiring managers will be searching for.

Draft a Skimmable Summary

Employers are busy. If you’ve captured their attention with your headline, don’t put them to sleep with your summary section. Expand upon what you stated in your headline, give quick career highlights and subtly sell yourself. Again use keywords that grab attention. Creativity is great, but not when no one can figure out what you do.

Dazzle Them with Your Experience

Don’t list your duties; show how well you performed them. The hiring manager knows what a restaurant manager does. They need to see why you are the best manager they could hire.

Join the Club

Do you belong to LinkedIn groups in your industry? You should. Offer your insights, respond to questions, share the posts of other hospitality professionals. Employers want to see that you are fully engaged in your profession and have something to offer above what other candidates may.

Keep It Up To Date

Update your status at least once a week. Share timely articles or blogs (but don’t spam the board with irrelevant posts). Look through your whole profile from time to time to ensure your content doesn’t become outdated.

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