5 Ways to Lose Your Restaurant Manager Job

Working as a restaurant manager is a demanding job. Long hours on your feet, managing a team in an industry that tends toward high turnover and keeping the physical plant in order require a lot of different skills. But balancing these traits can be the key to getting and keeping management positions. But sometimes things go awry.

Why Do Restaurant Managers Get Fired?

1. Poor leadership skills. Your staff depends on you for cues regarding what is expected of them. Work ethic, standards of cleanliness, customer service all come from you. Your skills in hiring, training and managing employees must be top-notch or you will soon be shown the door.

2. Neglecting the physical appearance of the restaurant. Restaurant patrons have a multitude of restaurants to choose from, so restaurant managers must ensure that every aspect of a diner’s visit exceeds their expectations. Sometimes all it takes is a dirty fork or a dusty window sill to turn a diner off for good – and possibly take their complaints to social media. It’s up to the restaurant manager to be sure the establishment is in top form and customer-ready.

3. Inability to manage stress. There is a ton of stress in the restaurant world. It’s tough to balance a sense of urgency and a focus on delivering top quality product with the need to project and air of calm efficiency throughout the front of the house.  Hot-headed managers may get things done, but the organization will pay the price in employee turnover and dissatisfaction. Restaurant managers who cannot take a cooler-headed approach to stress management  may soon find themselves looking for another job.

4. Lack of customer focus. No restaurant would exist without diners. A positive customer experience should be the number one priority. Make sure that people are seated and served promptly. Accommodate special needs cheerfully. Don’t make people crane their necks to search for a server when they need something.  Lose sight of the needs of your most important “boss” and you are likely to lose your job, too.

5. Dishonesty. Lying on your resume, stealing, mistreating employees or customers and stealing all fit under this umbrella. A single incident of any of them can be enough to get you fired. Chronic lateness or missed shifts will also have you on the unemployment line promptly.

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