Is a Hospitality Degree required for success in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry?

Hospitality Degree: Your Fast Track to Hotel and Restaurant Industry Success?

A hospitality degree may be helpful in advancing your career in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry but experience is key. Employers will be more confident in your ability to do the job if you have proven on the job that you understand the demands of the industry, can perform under pressure and actually enjoy the work.

Restaurant and hotel work is demanding – requiring long  hours, often around the clock – and you can expect to spend a  lot of time on your feet. If you work in the front office, you’ll be required to calmly deal with frazzled or tired customers. If you are a restaurant worker, you will be working in a hot and fast-paced kitchen. In all hospitality jobs, you will be expected to pitch in wherever you are needed and do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.

If you are willing to start at entry level and work your way up, you may be fine without a degree. But it’s possible that at some point in your career you will hit a ceiling that will be difficult to move beyond without a degree.

A bachelors degree in hospitality is only one way to go. You can start with an associates to determine your level of interest and if you are interested in committing to a four-year course of study. Other options include going to cooking school if you would like to be a chef, getting a business degree, especially if you are in a back office position or a masters in hospitality management if you would like to reach for the top rungs in your field.

Shop around among  schooling options because hospitality positions, particularly at lower levels, do not pay especially well and it may be unwise to take on tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt that you may not be able to recoup.

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