Why Hospitality Recruiters Beat Job Boards – Hands Down

When it comes to finding your ideal hospitality job, nothing compares to working with a specialized recruiter like Horizon Hospitality.

Admittedly, I may be a little biased.  While I certainly won’t tell you not to use job boards (they can be a valuable part of your job search strategy), I’d like to share this list of advantages that only a recruiter can provide:

A warm-blooded, personal job search partner. Unlike the cold, impersonal resumes you submit to job boards, a recruiter is a true advocate for you.  We have a vested interest in successfully matching you with the right opportunity, and can help you stand out in a competitive job market.  You can follow-up with us anytime regarding your job search – how do you do that once you click the “submit” button?

Intimate knowledge of employers’ hiring preferences and practices. A recruiter can help you navigate the obstacles and communication channels needed to effectively pursue a hiring opportunity.  We can help you get past “gate keepers” and target hospitality employers you are unaware of, or who don’t use job boards consistently.

Access to the “hidden” job market. Recruiters develop long-standing relationships with hiring managers and other key executives.  Because they know they’ll get the best candidates from us, these hiring authorities often contact Horizon first when they have an opening – in many cases, they may not advertise the position at all!

A more efficient, successful job search. Trolling job boards, scanning ads, making phone calls, submitting resumes and setting up interviews are extremely time-consuming – and difficult to do if you’re employed.  When you work with a recruiter like Horizon, you essentially outsource your job search efforts to us.  We take care of the leg work and present you with only those opportunities that are right for you.

Invaluable feedback on your skills and marketability. Not sure of what sort of salary you can command?  Getting passed over for jobs, but are unsure why?  Unlike a job board, a recruiter can provide: a candid assessment of your strengths; feedback on your interviewing skills; suggestions for additional education or training to make you more marketable; and a good idea of the salary you can expect to earn.

Confidentiality. Believe it or not, hospitality employers are now setting up automatic search agents on major job boards to find out if their employees are looking to make a move.  A recruiter will present you anonymously to potential employers, ensuring a confidential job search.

The inside scoop on potential employers. Naturally, a hospitality company wants to put its “best foot forward” to attract desirable candidates.  As such, their job postings may not tell you everything you want to know about the company and available position.  Recruiters know their client organizations intimately.  We can give you an accurate feel for the company and its corporate culture.  Most importantly, we’ll only present opportunities that match your abilities, personality, interests and career goals.

Horizon Hospitality – A Partner in Your Hospitality Job Search Efforts

At Horizon Hospitality, we want to positively influence your life. Partner with us and work with seasoned professionals who will help you determine your career direction and personal growth opportunities.  We will listen to you, consult and act as a true advocate on your behalf.  Please e-mail your résumé to us or feel free to reach us by phone at (913) 897-3100 and we’ll be happy to discuss your options with you.  All information will be held in the strictest of confidence and employers pay all fees.