Goal-Setting for 2015: How to Create Effective Goals In The Hospitality Industry

The economy is showing signs of recovery. With more spendable money in consumer pockets, it should be a banner year for the hospitality industry. People will be dining out, vacationing, traveling for business. How can you create goals for your team that will help them to manage the boom? Communicate Company Objectives It’s critical that… Read more »

What Are Hospitality Recruiting Managers Looking For On Your LinkedIn Profile?

Increasingly hiring managers are relying on social media like LinkedIn to find or evaluate talent. Whether they reach out to you proactively or review your online profile once you’ve sent them a resume, it’s critical that your profile send the right message. Keep It Positive Don’t put “Looking for new opportunities” in your headline. Avoid… Read more »

How Can Social Media Impact Your Restaurant’s Success?

Increasingly people depend on social media to get information and make purchasing decisions. As a restaurant owner there are several ways that you can leverage social media to make your restaurant more successful. Attract New Customers Offer discounts through online deal sites like Groupon, Living Social, Deal Chicken, etc. Discounts can bring in new customers… Read more »

Does Your Restaurant Manager Fit Your Restaurant’s Culture?

With about 13 million people, the restaurant industry employs one of the largest workforces in the United States. And there’s an abundance of good talent out there. The key is finding the right person for your restaurant management position – and that means securing a good cultural fit. Start by Defining Your Culture Your culture… Read more »