Why Choose Interim Management


Our Interim Hospitality Management Team

Horizon Hospitality has been placing hospitality professionals nationally for over 20 years. With our years of experience and vast network of hospitality professionals, we are able to quickly partner you with a leader who has the expertise to quickly take the reigns. Our Interim Management Professionals have experience in the following roles, and more:

  • Hotel General Managers
  • Country Club General Managers
  • Accounting Managers
  • Revenue Managers
  • Executive Chefs
  • Directors of Sales and Marketing
  • Food & Beverage Managers

Bring Stability to Hospitality Operations

The need for interim and contract management is a globally growing trend. Hospitality operations require an agile and effective workforce, and more hospitality professionals are looking for flexibility. So, interim management is a natural solution for both needs.

Interim hospitality professionals can lend companies their experience and talent on a temporary basis. They can help hospitality businesses thrive while facing a challenging situation or replacing permanent leadership. Horizon’s Interim Management Solutions provide needed and immediate expertise (typically within 48 hours) for our clients nationwide for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Seasonality: When talent needs vary seasonally and companies need robust leadership year-round.
  • Implementing New Processes: When companies are going through a new opening, technology roll-out, or exploring new product lines.
  • Skill Gap: When companies have a short-term issue or project that requires specialized knowledge.
  • Maternity/ Paternity Leave: When permanent leadership takes a leave of absence (medical, parental, or otherwise) but projects still need to move forward.
  • Expansion or Growth: When a company is experiencing significant growth, requiring extra guidance to strategically move forward.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Hiring a permanent leader who is a cultural fit for your company can take a long time. An already stressed operation doesn’t need that added strain. Horizon Hospitality will manage the entire recruitment process (sourcing, candidate communication, interviews, employment offers). Also, the payroll management for your interim team member and administrative work will be taken care of.  This allows your team to pursue more pressing priorities.

We have seen a significant percentage of interim associates convert to permanent employees with our clients. A temporary assignment can act as an extended interview process and performance assessment — for both the candidate and the company.

View our Interim Management Solutions Brochure for even more information.

To learn more about Horizon Hospitality’s Interim Management Solutions, contact:

Scott Samuels,
CEO | Horizon Hospitality
[email protected]

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