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An Ideal Solution for your Immediate Hiring Needs!

The need for interim and contract staffing is a globally growing trend, accounting for over $140 billion of revenue in 2018. Both workers and companies benefit from this, as more employees desire flexibility, while restaurants, private clubs, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality operations require agile and effective workforce solutions.

Interim Hospitality Professionals provide companies with the ability to bring an experienced and talented professionals into their operation on a temporary basis. It enables hospitality businesses to flourish while they seek a permanent replacement. Horizon’s Interim Staffing Solutions provide needed and immediate expertise (typically within 48 hours) for our clients nationwide based on a variety of reasons, including:

  • Seasonality: When talent needs fluctuate seasonally and companies need a robust expertise or leadership year-round.
  • Implementing New Processes: When companies are experiencing a new opening, technology roll-out, or new product lines.

  • Skill Gap: When companies have a short-term issue or project that requires specialized knowledge for a defined period. Interim staff can assist in building efficient new systems and processes that can be leveraged by the rest of the team.

  • Maternity/ Paternity Leave: Parental leave (or other leaves of absence) enable Interim Staff to keep projects moving forward.

  • Expansion or Growth: When a company is experiencing significant growth and requires extra operational, management, culinary or sales support to strategically shape your operation.

A Solution for Volatility and Turnover

Does your company have a plan to deal with unexpected culinary turnover? If not, it could cause a ripple effect throughout your operation and increase turnover or unrest in other departments. With an interim team member, you can quickly react to unexpected turnover or ease the burden of an increased workload.

Similarly, during a leadership change, you may require succession planning. Being able to secure temporary talent quickly and manage stressful times will improve team member engagement and job satisfaction.

Fewer Hiring Barriers and Lower Costs

Hiring a permanent management team member who is a cultural fit for your company can take a long time and add stress to an already-pressured operation. In addition to managing the selection process (sourcing, candidate communication, interviews, employment offers), Horizon Hospitality will take care of the administration and payroll for your interim team member.  This will allow your team to pursue more pressing priorities.

Horizon Hospitality has been placing hospitality professionals nationally for over 20 years. We have seen a significant percentage of interim associates convert to permanent employees with our clients. A temporary assignment can act as an extended interview process and performance assessment — for both the candidate and the company.

Bios of Horizon’s Interim Team Members

Executive Chefs

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Hotel Directors of Sales

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Hotel General Managers

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Food & Beverage Managers

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To learn more about Horizon Hospitality’s Interim Staffing Solutions, contact:

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