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Recruiting in the hospitality industry is tough. But recruiting for a hospitality executive who is able to steer a company in the right direction is even tougher. It takes time, resources, and recruiting experience to know where to find these seasoned hospitality leaders.

At Horizon Hospitality, we understand that finding the right executives for a corporate team can make or break a hospitality company’s future.

For the past 20 years, Horizon Hospitality has assisted hundreds of hospitality companies to improve their ability to hire and retain the best talent this industry has to offer. Having partnered with the top hospitality companies across the country in their talent acquisition efforts, our firm has gained tremendous insight and knowledge of how companies successfully hire and retain their employees.

Our team of Hospitality Executive Recruiters will do more than just identify and attract high quality leaders. They will determine the right quality of leader for your organizational needs, and assist in building appropriate frameworks for compensation and retention.

What does our Hospitality Executive Search Process look like?

Prior to beginning your search, we’ll help assess which search option is right for your company’s needs. We will also establish a custom search timeline with specific target dates, and if there are any other assessments or services that would be needed:

Engaged Search Sample Timeline

I. Needs Assessment (Week 1)
We will gather comprehensive information during our interview with any search committee members, department heads, and other key team members. This process may require an on-site visit from Horizon’s CEO.II. Creation of Position Profile (Week 2)
Horizon will create a marketing piece for the search and position based upon the needs assessment and parameters which have been provided. The final job profile will reflect the collective dialogue from these discussions and Horizon’s experience in Executive Searches. This profile marketing piece will be reviewed and approved by your team prior to delivering to any potential candidates.

III. The Search Begins (Weeks 3-5)
Our extensive candidate search consists of sourcing candidates through a variety of resources and will utilize our vast network. The recruiting team at Horizon Hospitality will cast a wide net to secure the finest and most qualified individuals. In addition to a proprietary resume database of over 350,000 hospitality professionals, we will utilize our strategic partners and existing relationships with hospitality professionals across the country. During the search we will provide on-going updates regarding our progress.

IV. Presentation of Candidates (Week 6)
Upon presentation of candidate information, we will schedule a conference call with pertinent individuals to discuss the candidates and answer any questions regarding their credentials.

V. Phone Interviews Conducted (Week 7)
Client will conduct phone interviews with 4-6 qualified candidates. Horizon will assist with coordinating these interviews and debriefing after they have taken place.

VI. In-Person Interviews Conducted (Weeks 8-9)
Client will conduct in-person interviews with the top 2-3 finalists. Horizon will assist with coordinating these interviews and debriefing after they have taken place.

VII. Offer Extended and Accepted (Week 9)
We will draft the details of the offer for your signature and then present the offer to your candidate of choice. We will work through any details of the offer with the candidate to ensure acceptance and graciously communicate with the candidates not selected.

VIII. New Executive Begins Work (Week 11-13)
The start date and transition of your new executive team member will vary based upon the candidate’s notice of resignation (typically two weeks) and relocation. We work closely with this individual to assist in a smooth termination of their current position and with relocation.

Hospitality Executive Assessments & Hiring Tools

TriMetrix DNA Assessment: TriMetrix DNA combines behaviors, motivators and competencies together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements. TriMetrix DNA is available in management/staff, executive and sales versions.

Reference Checks: Our 360-degree reference checking process includes speaking with prior SUPERVISORS, prior PEERS (i.e., co-workers), and prior SUBORDINATES to obtain a complete picture of your potential new employee. It is surprising how much you can truly learn about an individual by conducting a proper reference check.

Employment Verification: Past employment verification can also help uncover or explain gaps on a resume, or reveal an applicant trying to conceal downtime by stretching starting or end dates.

Background Checks: Our comprehensive criminal history check includes a felony/misdemeanor search of every jurisdiction of residence for your applicant with the past seven years. Our driving records report includes any moving violations, suspensions, revocations, or expiration.

Drug Testing: The simplistic justification for implementing a drug testing program within your organization is that illicit drug use will affect your bottom line and workplace safety.

Hospitality Executives We Place

We have an extensive hospitality executive database , which gives us an advantage in searching for high level leadership in all fields of the hospitality Industry. Some of the positions we have completed include:

  • C-Suite Executives (CEO, CFO, COO)
  • Chief People Officer
  • Division Presidents
  • Division Vice Presidents

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