Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our candidates have never worked with a hospitality executive search firm and come to us with plenty of questions. Below, you’ll find some of the most common questions asked about our recruitment process.

How does the process work?

A hospitality company (hotel, resort, restaurant, country club, etc.) will engage our firm to find qualified candidates for an open position and provide us with the specific experience and criteria they require. Once the search begins, we source candidates based on the client’s needs. Our recruiters thoroughly discuss the opportunity with viable candidates to assess if this is a good fit for both the candidate and the client. We also coordinate interviews with the client company, conduct reference checks, and assist in the final interview and offer stages.

Do I have to pay a fee for your recruitment services?

No – we will never ask for a fee from a candidate. Fees are paid by the client companies who have engaged our recruitment services.

What types of candidates do you work with, and what types of jobs do you offer?

Horizon Hospitality handles searches for full-time, salaried mid-management and executive-level positions within a variety of hospitality industry specialties. Our clients engage us to find qualified candidates with industry-specific experience.

How do you determine if a candidate is a good match for an opportunity?

Before each search begins, our recruiters obtain comprehensive details from our clients regarding the position. This helps us to identify which skills, experience, and compensation requirements to search for in candidates. During our screening process with candidates, we determine if their background matches the parameters provided by our clients.

Why can’t you always tell me about the property/who the client is?

In many cases, our clients ask us to conduct a search confidentially and do not wish for us to disclose information about their company in the early stages of the interview process. This happens for a variety of reasons: The outgoing employee wants to resign quietly, the current employee in the role is being replaced, the company is restructuring, or the company does not want to invite a large volume of unqualified applicants. In these cases, the recruiter will share more details once the candidate and client agree to move forward with the interview process.

How do I make my resume more attractive?

When interviewing for an opportunity through Horizon Hospitality, our recruiting team can suggest changes to your resume to make it more attractive to prospective employers. We can also make suggestions so that your LinkedIn profile and any other web presence are consistent with the experience and dates provided on your resume. Furthermore, when presenting your information to clients, our recruiters will use a proprietary professional resume format and summary of important details regarding your professional experience.

We also offer resume resources available to all job seekers.

How should I prepare for an interview?

Research the company you are being presented to and learn as much as you can about them and take advantage of our available interview resources. As you move through the interview process, our recruiters will also brief you on what to expect, who you will be speaking with, and how to prepare for that particular client.

Why do you ask for seven references?

References can provide quality insights that resumes and interviews may miss. It might sound like a lot, but we ask for seven references (four supervisors, two peers, and two subordinates) to provide our clients with a thorough picture of your qualifications. We ask that you do not provide references that may jeopardize your current employment status.

Will your recruiters continually work to find me a job if this opportunity doesn’t work out?

Our business is driven by the hiring needs of our client companies. As a result, the reality is that we are not always able to find the perfect match for job seekers. We highly encourage job seekers to check our hospitality job board as new career opportunities become available through Horizon Hospitality daily.

I don’t have any hospitality experience, but I would love to get into the industry. Can you help me?

Because of the requirements of our clients, our searches almost always require previous and/or current industry experience. However, we will gladly accept any resume, which you can submit here for future consideration.

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