Horizon Hospitality is in the business of connecting exceptional candidates with outstanding opportunities. We work with the some of the nation’s most influential hospitality companies as well as many of the innovative newcomers.  We pride ourselves on expertly matching candidates to positions that are a true fit for their career and not just talking you in to a job.  We listen, we consult and we take action.

Our candidates enjoy the unique experience of working with seasoned professionals to assist them in determining their career direction and personal growth opportunities. Our entire staff has worked in many of the same roles you have, so we know your world and understand what it takes to be successful in it.

Working with a recruiter at Horizon Hospitality offers many benefits to enhance your career search. We network across the country to find out what companies are hiring and where the best jobs are. We also provide excellent career counseling. We will help advise you on your career strategy, help you fine-tune your resume, help you prepare for interviews, and help you negotiate your new employment offer. The recruiters at Horizon Hospitality are an invaluable resource, trusted advisors and advocates who will be at your side – and on your side – as you move ahead with your career.

Job Description – Client Relations Manager