There are many companies out there offering human asset recruitment services, but proof is always in performance. The recruiters at Horizon have been “delivering” without wasting our valuable time doing time consuming pre-interview tasks which is very important to us!

Tim Schneider, Director of Operations, Kinseth Hospitality

I wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you and well done on the recent hires you and your team are responsible for. Earlier in the week, our Regional Vice President and I were discussing how happy we were with your services. Creating strong teams are our only hope to succeed, and we all feel that these recent hires move us squarely in the right direction.

John Cantele, Executive Vice President, Hyatt Hotel Corporation

Horizon’s team immediately went to work to identify and present qualified candidates on both the East and West coast. Their recruiting team made sure we were satisfied with every step of the process. We would definitely consider using Horizon again because of the great experience!

Pamela Snell, Human Resource Director, Urbana Hotels & Resorts

Horizon Hospitality has been a great partner to work with. Not only do they bring qualified candidates to the table, they help simplify the entire process from the initial search and coordinating interviews to background checks and hiring. They take the time to ask great questions and really listen to your needs in order to find the right candidates that are a great fit for all parties. Leigh Ann and her team are fantastic to work with and I appreciate them all.

Toby Cheng, Vice President of Sales, Huntington Hotel Group