The Latest Restaurant Technology Trends: What’s Working and What Isn’t

Restaurant worker using technology

Restaurant technology development has taken off at an unprecedented pace in the last five years. Technology companies touted everything from flashy robots to sophisticated operating systems as “the next big thing” in restaurants. However, rapid development also means growing pains. Which of these restaurant technology trends are living up to expectations, and which trends simply… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Dynamic Pricing for Restaurants

The hottest topic of discussion at industry conferences lately has been dynamic pricing for restaurants, a data-backed strategy that adjusts menu prices on demand. This strategy, also known as “surge pricing”, has been successful in other industries like ride-sharing and airlines, but its implementation in the restaurant industry is still up for fiery debate. Here… Read more »

Four Ways Technology is Supercharging Hotel Staff Efficiency

The hotel industry is not known as an “early adopter” of cutting-edge technology. However, hospitality technology has been gaining speed lately, resulting in some futuristic hotel experiences. The latest surge of “smart hotels” has been fueled by AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the digital connection of everyday items like room keys,… Read more »

AI in the Senior Living Industry: What it Can, and Can’t, Do

AI is useful in Senior Living. But what are it's limitations?

The recent release of ChatGPT, a highly capable and intuitive chatbot, has created a new buzz around artificial intelligence. While the senior living industry is not known for its high rate of technology adoption, AI is catching the interest of a growing number of senior living developers looking for ways to improve care while they… Read more »

Keep Your Eye on These Three Growing Hotel Career Paths

It takes teams of hotel professionals working behind the scenes and interacting with guests to provide a top-notch hospitality experience. Now, as guests’ travel priorities have shifted, so has the scope of talent needed to meet their demands. Here are three hotel career paths that are growing and evolving the fastest in the changing landscape… Read more »

What Does the Next Step in the Drive-Thru Evolution Mean for Restaurants?

The drive-thru industry is transforming. A booming convenience culture, super-charged by a pandemic, has given rise to consumers seeking ways to receive meals faster and with less friction. Yet at the same time, diners also crave a unique and high-quality dining experience. Operations, technologies, and even physical building structures are rapidly evolving to accommodate the… Read more »