4 Strategies to Attract Gen Z Workers to Senior Living

Even though senior living staffing has improved immensely since the pandemic, attracting new staff is the number one priority for many senior living communities in 2024. Where can communities find fresh talent that can grow and develop with the senior living industry? Since Generation Z will make up 30% of the total workforce by 2025,… Read more »

Embracing Resident-Centric Dining: Senior Living Trends for 2024

Learn the top trends coming to senior living dining in 2024

As baby boomers retire and move into Senior Living communities, they are voicing strong opinions about what they want their individual dining experiences to look like. Communities are adjusting to create more “resident-centric” dining, incorporating more flexibility, personalization, and wellness. Look for these four dining trends in 2024 that cater to the newest generation of… Read more »

How to Use Education to Enhance Wellness in Senior Living Communities

Studies have shown that lifelong learning is crucial to wellness during the golden years. While there is a growing niche industry of senior living communities connected to college campuses, residents don’t need physical access to a classroom to reap the benefits of lifelong learning. Here are five ways senior living communities can incorporate lifelong learning… Read more »

What Do the Top Senior Living Recruiters All Have in Common?

A Top Senior Living Recruiter Builds Teams

The senior living industry is in a period of innovation, trying to overcome stale perceptions and attract the next generation of residents. Strategies like data-driven marketing and finance, customer-focused sales processes, and wellness-oriented operations dominate current senior living trends. To find innovative leaders that can create these changes in operations, finance, and marketing, communities are… Read more »

How Senior Living Communities Can Improve Employee Retention

How senior living can increase employee retention

In a recent survey of senior housing operators, ninety percent of respondents reported current staffing shortages! Yes, attracting new talent is key to staying staffed. However, senior living communities should consider putting the bulk of their time and energy into retaining their existing employees. How can senior living leaders create a workplace that fosters loyal… Read more »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring a Chef

Chefs are the rockstars of the restaurant industry. Here's the smart way to hire one for your restaurant.

Let’s face it: Executive Chefs are like rock stars in the restaurant industry. They can gain bigger-than-life reputations, drawing patrons solely based on their persona. However, their daily performance is also pivotal to a restaurant’s bottom line. Whether you are replacing an existing chef, filling an open position, or starting a new restaurant, here are… Read more »

AI in the Senior Living Industry: What it Can, and Can’t, Do

AI is useful in Senior Living. But what are it's limitations?

The recent release of ChatGPT, a highly capable and intuitive chatbot, has created a new buzz around artificial intelligence. While the senior living industry is not known for its high rate of technology adoption, AI is catching the interest of a growing number of senior living developers looking for ways to improve care while they… Read more »

What Does it Take to be a Successful Senior Living Chef?

The role of the Executive Chef has recently evolved into something of a celebrity within the senior living industry. Many senior living communities are elevating their dining programs to produce menus and food that rival top resorts. As the demand for distinguished food and beverage grows among residents and operators, so does the demand for… Read more »

Is your Senior Living Community Ready for the “Great Unbundling”?

Senior Living Communities are testing out unbundled service models

Airlines and hotels have been slowly embracing the unbundled service model for years. It allows consumers to access quality services at a lower entry price and pay for extras as they see necessary. So, it’s only natural that as Senior Living further segments into more independent and active living operations, unbundling services will become more… Read more »

How Senior Living Can Tap into a Wider Talent Pool with Social Media

Social Media Recruiting to Gain more candidates

Finding and keeping talented workers has always been an uphill battle for the senior living industry. As rewarding as the industry can be, it’s an often overlooked-job market that isn’t well understood by job seekers. But amid record-high unemployment, senior living communities have the opportunity to recruit a variety of talented jobseekers from adjacent struggling… Read more »