Letter From the CEO

To my fellow Hospitality Professionals, Just three months ago, the unemployment rate was at an all-time low of 3.5%, and it was a candidate’s market. Now, as I write this, the unemployment rate is hovering around 20%, and the hospitality industry is feeling it the most. We are watching our industry and its needs change… Read more »

When Are Caregivers Burned Out at Your Senior Living Facility?


Seniors and their loved ones count on the skill and compassion of the caregivers in your senior living facility. But just like family members, professional caregivers can experience burnout from a job that is physically and emotionally taxing. Here are the signs to look for and what can be done to treat or prevent it.… Read more »

What Are “Half Back” Retirees?

For decades individuals from the Northeast and Midwest retired to the tropical south. Specifically, regions such as Florida or the Gulf states. And why not? It’s like living your vacation dream! Sunny and warm year-round, easy access to beaches and resorts – what more could a retiree ask for? But it doesn’t take long to… Read more »

Where Is the Future of Senior Living Going in 2020 and Beyond?

What happens when the “me generation” enters senior living? They expect a lot more from providers and properties. Many boomers are fresh off caring for their aging parents and have seen how difficult it was for everyone involved, particularly for those “silent generation” members who were reluctant to leave the homes they worked so hard to pay off… Read more »

Off-site Trips to Plan for Senior Living Communities


Just because individuals are part of an aging population doesn’t mean that they are ready to spend their days in a recliner. Seniors in good health often enjoy being active. Keep them engaged by providing a variety of options to accommodate different interests or abilities, but you might be surprised how many kinds of adventures seniors are eager to take on. Here are some popular options for your… Read more »

Seniors Want More Leisure Activities in Their Communities


Where once people went straight from their homes into a retirement home, the transition is now longer and more complex. Younger seniors who are eager to ditch the obligation of keeping up a home and yard may still be healthy and active and looking for ways to keep busy and fulfilled.   As boomers begin to reach retirement… Read more »